Legacy ASP.NET Course

18 Jul, 2005

For several months, I've been working with Net Objectives to put together a course for test-driven development of legacy ASP.NET code. (Using NUnitAsp, of course!) Now I'm proud to announce that we've set a date and location.

The course will be taking place September 13-15 in Bellevue, WA. For this initial beta course, we're only going to limit the course to a relatively small number of attendees. We're also providing a 25% discount. (With the discount, the course is $900.) I'll be teaching the course directly, along with Rob Myers of Net Objectives. That makes this a great opportunity to pick my brain. Plus, you get a three day course. ;-)

I'm putting a lot of effort into NUnitAsp in order to make it ready for the course. Up until now, NUnitAsp has had poor support for testing legacy code. The next version, 1.6, will have much better support. I'll be handing out "sneak peek" copies of 1.6 at the course.

If you work with legacy ASP.NET code, this course is a great deal. Email me to register. For more information about the course, see the course description.

PS: Don't tell anyone, but we expect that you'll be able to use this information in this course to test legacy ASP code as well. Imagine being able to port from ASP to ASP.NET while supported by a suite of NUnitAsp tests!