July 18th Webinar: Agile Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Interview)

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference is hosting me for a free, live webinar on July 18th at 4pm Pacific. We'll have a wide-ranging discussion to explore where Agile's been and where it's going. The interview will include topics such as:

  • In one sentence, what is Agile? Would you have said the same thing 20 years ago?
  • What are the basics of an agile culture as is exists in 2019? How is that different than 1999?
  • Since the signing of the Agile manifesto (in 2001), what do you think the signers got right? What could be improved?
  • What does "agile at scale" mean?
  • The manifesto says "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools," yet today there are many more Agile tools available than there were in 1999. How has that changed how Agile is practiced?
  • What are the remaining frontiers for Agile?

I believe audience members will also have the opportunity to submit questions.

This is a live webinar and it might not be recorded. So don't miss it! Register here.