October 16th in Portland, OR: Test-Driven Development Without Mocks (Workshop)

On October 16th, at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, I’ll be presenting a half-day workshop on using test-driven development without mock objects. This is a great session for programmers who want to learn new ways to improve their tests.

Are your tests slow and brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry your unit tests aren’t actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from using test-driven development without mock objects.

In this session, we’ll do it live. We’ll use test-driven development to build a simple command-line application in Node. Along the way, you’ll learn the core principles of testing without mocks, the tradeoffs, what’s easier, and what’s harder. You’ll leave with a new bag of tricks for your toolkit and you’ll be ready to choose between a mock-based or mock-free approach depending on the needs of your code.

Bring a laptop with Node.js and git installed and come prepared to pair program.

Register Here.