Mentor Program

An expert at your fingertips! You and your team will have unlimited access to me by phone, email, and instant messenger for six months. The frequency and style of our interactions are up to you, and you can meet me in Portland whenever it's mutually convenient. (I'll come to your site for an additional fee.) I generally return phone calls within 90 minutes and email within 24 hours, and I'm notoriously generous with my time and experience.

This service is best for motivated, self-directed teams. Availability is limited.

Guided Mentor Program

If you'd like more guidance and the Total Immersion program isn't right for you, take advantage of my Guided Mentor Program. In addition to unlimited remote availability for questions and problem resolution, I also help you create, execute, and continuously refine a plan for your team's growth and improvement. Includes quarterly site visits to provide consulting, training, and workshops targeted to your team's current needs.


Prices depend on the size and experience of your team, but in most cases the six month program is an eminently-affordable four figures. The Guided Mentor Program costs about twice as much, again depending on the size and experience of your team. Contact me for a quote.

Make an Appointment

Contact me for a free consultation. Call 503-267-5490 to make an appointment, or email

Other Services

Total ImmersionDrink from the firehose. I'll join your team for several months as we work on your actual product. Meanwhile, I lead by example, conduct ad-hoc training and leadership sessions, design études for the team to perform, and teach everything I know about software development. You'll be amazed at the transformation. This is the most comprehensive and effective service I offer, and because you also gain me as a development resource, it's surprisingly affordable and low-impact. Includes a one-year guarantee. Read More
ConsultingWe pick an area to improve, along with specific performance targets, and I provide a mix of training, workshops, and coaching to help your team get there. Best for teams already using Agile. Includes a six-month guarantee. Read More
TrainingA low-cost, low-commitment way to introduce concepts to a broad group of people. I provide both public and on-site training courses. A great way to get your feet wet. Read More