I work with people who want to be great.

What do I mean by "great?" I mean software teams that consistently deliver market success, technical success, and personal success for team members and stakeholders. Specifically, I help teams achieve:

  • High Throughput: From concept to delivery in two weeks or less.
  • Market Focus: Emphasis on delivering value and engaging customers.
  • Opportunity Generation: Conducting experiments and taking managed risks.
  • Low Defect Rate: Less than five escaped defects per month.
  • Shrinking Costs: Development and maintenance costs decrease over time.
  • Joy: Team members look forward to coming to work, and stakeholders love working with the team.

Greatness doesn't require great talent. Talent doesn't hurt, by any means, but I've helped ordinary people work together to create great teams. No, it's not talent that's needed. What's needed is will.

To be great, you have to be willing to take risks, rock the boat, and change your environment to maximize productivity, throughput, and value. If that's you—particularly if you're in a product-focused, entrepreneurial environment—I want to hear from you. We can do great things together.

(Read more about my business model here.)

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I have services to meet a variety of needs:

Total ImmersionDrink from the firehose. I'll join your team for several months as we work on your actual product. Meanwhile, I lead by example, conduct ad-hoc training and leadership sessions, design études for the team to perform, and teach everything I know about software development. You'll be amazed at the transformation. This is the most comprehensive and effective service I offer, and because you also gain me as a development resource, it's surprisingly affordable and low-impact. Includes a one-year guarantee. Read More
ConsultingWe pick an area to improve, along with specific performance targets, and I provide a mix of training, workshops, and coaching to help your team get there. Best for teams already using Agile. Includes a six-month guarantee. Read More
Mentor ProgramI'm available by phone, email, and IM to answer unlimited questions. The frequency and style of our interactions are up to you, and you can include on-site visits as well. Best for motivated, self-directed teams. Availability is limited. Read More
TrainingA low-cost, low-commitment way to introduce concepts to a broad group of people. I provide both public and on-site training courses. A great way to get your feet wet. Read More