June 16th in Sydney, Australia, and June 19th in Melbourne: Coaching Workshop

While I'm at Agile Australia this June, I'll presenting full-day workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. Join me for some in-depth, small group learning about coaching for best-fit Agile:

  • Sydney: 16 June
  • Melbourne: 19 June
Sign up here and use the code AA15-SFND for a discount.

Bringing Fluency to Your Agile Teams: Coaching for Best-Fit Agile

Learn how to tailor your Agile coaching efforts to best fit the needs of your teams and organization. As teams grow in their understanding of Agile, their perspective of Agile shifts and changes, and so do the challenges they must overcome. Whether it's team cohesion, technical skills, or organizational politics, the right investment to make in your teams depends on where they're at, what they need, and what your organization is willing to provide.

Learn how to tailor your coaching efforts to best fit your context. You'll learn how to evaluate your teams proficiencies, organizational needs, and how to balance benefits and investments. Using the Agile Fluency™ Model, a proven model for understanding team capabilities and opportunities, you'll be able to articulate what benefits to expect from your teams, what opportunities exist, and what efforts will be needed in order to take advantage of those opportunities.

Qualified participants will also be given the opportunity to license the Agile Fluency Diagnostic, a detailed tool for facilitating team self-assessments, at no additional charge.

See a detailed description and register at the Agile Australia sign up page. Be sure to use the code AA15-SFND for your discount.

June 17-18th in Sydney, Australia: Agile Australia 2015

I'll be at Agile Australia in June!

I'm one of Agile Australia's keynote speakers this year. I'll be around for the entire conference, so look me up. Here's the blurb for my keynote:

The Reward

For an approach that emphasizes simplicity, success with Agile is surprisingly difficult. Some teams see amazing results. They're able to respond to changing needs, deliver new releases every day, and do so with nearly zero defects. Other teams complain that Agile makes things worse, not better. They get less done and spend more time in pointless meetings.

What is about Agile that creates such different experiences? Let's take a step back and look at what makes Agile work. What's the point of these Sprints, stories, Scrums, and other practices? What leads to success and what leads to struggle? It's time for a frank discussion about what it takes to succeed with Agile.

Agile Australia is in Sydney on June 17th and 18th. Sign up here.

I'm also teaching full-day workshops about coaching for best-fit Agile in Sydney and Melbourne, on the 16th and 19th respectively. You can learn more here.

Monthly in Portland, Oregon: AgilePDX Evening Session

The Portland Agile user group, AgilePDX, holds a formal session on the third Wednesday of every month. Sometimes it's a speaker, sometimes it's a workshop, and sometimes it's just different. If you're in the Portland area and interested in Agile, you should come by. I attend as often as my schedule permits.