Did you like something I wrote? Please share it! I only ask that you respect a few limitations.

(Please note that these rules only apply to essays hosted here on Some of my essays are hosted on other websites and fall under different copyright rules.)

Sharing with Friends and Colleagues

You’re always welcome to link to any public page on my website. Link it from your blog, mention in on your company intranet, email the URL to colleagues. No problem.

You’re also welcome to print out a few copies of any public page on this website to share around the office. I’d be flattered if you decided to post something I wrote in your office or bullpen.

However, if a page is not public—if it requires you to enter your email or otherwise log in—do not share it without checking with me first.

Sharing with Large Groups

Do you want to include some of my writing in a company brochure or newsletter? I’m honored! Contact me so we can work something out.

To be perfectly clear: reprinting my essays without my permission is not allowed. But if you contact me, I’m very likely to give you my permission. I can also rework or expand upon my material specifically for your publication.


I’m also available to speak at your company function or user group meeting. I’m an experienced speaker with good stage presence: we’ll have a good time. Pick a topic from one of my essays, or choose any topic relating to software development. Contact me so we can discuss your options.

Most of all, thanks for reading!

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