"Evolutionary Design Illustrated" Video

30 Nov, 2011

At this year's Norwegian Development Conference, I gave a new presentation on evolutionary design, and NDC was good enough to record it and put the video online. It's a highly visual look at how evolutionary design has worked in practice on three projects I've been involved in. It's good to watch if you've ever wondered how evolutionary design plays out in practice. Here's the blurb:

In an agile environment, programmers must deliver working software in the first iteration. Requirements may change at any time, so there's no way to design the software in advance. Instead, you must design your software based on its current needs, and evolve the software design as the requirements change. This process is called evolutionary design. (It's also called continuous design, or iterative and incremental design.)

But how does it work? How can evolutionary design result in high-quality code? In this visual and example-filled session, James Shore will demonstrate how evolutionary design works in practice, using real-world examples culled from his decade of Agile development experience. You'll see how designs evolved in response to external forces, and how responding to those forces yielded in designs that were clean, flexible, and maintainable.

(Note that the video is in MP4 format, which may not work in your browser. If it doesn't, you can download the video using the link below.)

Download the video here (MP4 format).

NDC has graciously made all of the conference videos available as a Torrent as well as individual downloads. Find them here.

(Thanks to Camen Design for the Video for Everybody code. Thanks also to Longtail Video for the JW Player Flash video player.)