Scrum and XP Practices: Cross Reference

I've had several people tell me how useful the Scrum/XP cross-reference in our book is, so I thought I'd share it with you, too.

To create this chart, I referred to Ken Schwaber & Mike Beedle's Agile Software Development with Scrum and both editions of Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Explained. Practices that are similar are cross-referenced, but that doesn't mean they're identical. Refer back to the source material to understand how cross-referenced practices differ.

If a row lists n/a for a particular method, that means that there is no corresponding practice defined in that method. Implied means that a similar approach is included or assumed, but it's not described in detail.

If you have corrections, please let me know, with references when possible. I intend this to be a living document.

Art of Agile2nd Edition XP1st Edition XPScrum
Pair ProgrammingPair ProgrammingPair Programmingn/a
Energized WorkEnergized Work40-Hour Weekimplied
Informative WorkspaceInformative Workspaceimpliedimplied
Root-Cause AnalysisRoot-Cause Analysisimpliedimplied
(in Trust)Team Continuityn/aimplied
Sit TogetherSit TogetherimpliedOpen Working Environment
The XP TeamWhole TeamOn-Site CustomerScrum Team
Real Customer InvolvementReal Customer Involvementimpliedimplied
Ubiquitous Languageimpliedimpliedn/a
Stand-Up MeetingsimpliedimpliedDaily Scrum
Coding StandardsimpliedCoding Standardsn/a
Iteration DemoimpliedimpliedSprint Review
"Done Done"impliedimpliedimplied
No Bugsimpliedimpliedn/a
Version Controlimpliedimpliedn/a
(in Version Control)Single Code Baseimpliedn/a
Ten-Minute BuildTen-Minute Buildimpliedn/a
Continuous IntegrationContinuous IntegrationContinuous Integrationn/a
Collective Code OwnershipShared CodeCollective Ownershipn/a
Release PlanningQuarterly CycleSmall ReleasesProduct Backlog
(in Release Planning)Incremental Deploymentimpliedimplied
(in Release Planning)Daily Deploymentimpliedn/a
The Planning GameimpliedThe Planning Gameimplied
Risk Managementn/an/an/a
Iteration PlanningWeekly CycleimpliedSprints
StoriesStoriesimpliedBacklog Items
Incremental Requirementsimpliedimpliedimplied
Customer TestsimpliedTestingn/a
Test-Driven DevelopmentTest-First ProgrammingTestingn/a
Simple DesignIncremental DesignSimple Designn/a
Incremental Design & ArchitectureIncremental DesignSimple Designn/a
Spike Solutionsimpliedimpliedn/a
Performance Optimizationimpliedimpliedn/a
Exploratory Testingn/an/an/a
n/aShrinking Teamsn/an/a
n/aNegotiated Scope Contractimpliedn/a
impliedimpliedimpliedScrum Master
impliedimpliedimpliedProduct Owner
n/an/an/aAbnormal Sprint Termination
n/an/an/aSprint Goal

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