The Art of Agile Development: How to Be Agile

Jan 15, 2008

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in 99 words

There is no "agile method." "Agile" is a marketing term created to describe a style of working. This style focuses on collaborative work, concrete results, delivering value, and minimizing waste.

"Being agile" means working in the agile style. To do so, start with an existing agile method, use it to understand the principles and practices of agile development, then adapt it to your specific situation.

This book follows that pattern. We describe one method in detail, then discuss principles and adaptation. To use this book, follow the practices carefully, note where they work and where they don't, and adapt.

as haiku

Carefully I plant.
Seeds follow rules, but Sensei
dancing, ignores them

Behind the Scenes

Opinionated and Antisocial


'The Road to Mastery' poster

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Inside the Book

  • How to Be Agile
  • Agile Methods
  • Don't Make Your Own Method
  • The Road to Mastery
  • Find a Mentor

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