Testing Without Mocks (Budapest, Hungary)

I’m talking about “Testing Without Mocks” at the Craft Conference in Budapest, Hungary on May 30th and 31st:

Automated tests are important. Without them, programmers waste a huge amount of time manually checking and fixing their code. Unfortunately, many automated test suites also waste a huge amount of time. They’re slow, fail randomly, and make refactoring difficult.

There’s another way. Nullables, also known as “testing without mocks,” are a technique for creating tests that are as powerful as end-to-end tests, but as fast and reliable as unit tests. Better yet, they’re 100% compatible with your existing code.

In this talk, you’ll learn how Nullables work, see examples of programming with Nullables, and get access to free resources and training so you can implement them in your own code.

This talk will be on May 31st at 13:40-14:25. Register here.

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