FAST: An Innovative Way to Scale

I’ve given several talks on FAST (Fluid Scaling Technology) this year. They cover the same material, but in varying levels of depth and with different audience questions. Here’s the abstract:

How can multiple teams work together on a single product? The common wisdom is to carefully align teams and responsibilities to create autonomous teams. But, invariably, this approach eventually runs into cross-team bottlenecks, challenges aligning responsibilities to teams, and difficulties creating cross-functional teams.

Fluid Scaling Technology, or FAST, is an innovative new approach that solves these problems. It uses frequent team self-selection to prevent bottlenecks, share knowledge amongst teams, and ensure the right people are working on the right things. It’s simple and lightweight.

Join James Shore as he shares his experiences with scaling Agile—first with traditional approaches, and more recently with FAST. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and how you can try FAST in your organization.

If you only watch one video, watch the first one (The Hands-On Agile meetup). It’s quick and concise. If you’d like more information, the second video (the Enterprise Agile Global Community meetup) has the most detail.

Hands-On Agile Meetup

I presented at the Hands-On Agile meetup on September 27th. This presentation was about 45 minutes long, and the video has been edited to cut out pauses and move questions to the end, so this is a nicely concise version. The recording and slides are available here, and I’ve also embedded the video below:

Enterprise Agile Global Community Meetup

I presented at the Enterprise Agile Global Community meetup on September 12th. This version of the presentation was nearly two hours. It has the most detail and a lot of great audience questions. If you want to dig into the details, this is the version to watch.

Agile 2022

I spoke at the Agile 2022 conference on July 21st. This was an in-person session and 75 minutes long. The recording is available to Agile Alliance members. Scroll down towards the bottom, or search for “James Shore” on the page.

A picture of James Shore presenting “FAST: An Innovative Way to Scale” at Agile 2022.

Agile New England

I presented the session to Agile New England on July 14th. This was an online session and 90 minutes long. The recording is here. You’ll have to create an account, but it’s free.

A picture of James Shore presenting “FAST: An Innovative Way to Scale” at Agile New England.

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