Immersive Team Coaching

Turn your development team into an agile powerhouse. We’ll optimize every aspect of your team’s software development approach as they learn cutting-edge agile engineering, planning, and collaboration techniques. I’ll lead by example, working alongside your team on their everyday work, so your critical priorities won’t be interrupted.

Immersive coaching makes a permanent impact on your organization. Participants become coaches themselves, spreading their knowledge to new hires and other teams in your organization. The benefits continue to reverberate even after all the original participants have moved on.

Benefits and Pricing

Expect a seven-figure return over five years. The following is a typical, conservative estimate provided by an actual client:

Reduce Development Waste $260K / year
Reduce Developer Turnover $75K / year
Increase Code Quality increases speed of front-end development
Improve Release Frequency improves customer retention and sales
TOTAL at least $1.675 million over five years

Prices start in the low six figures. It pays for itself in the first year.

Contact me for a free consultation. I’ll help you define your objectives and walk you through your own ROI calculation.


Jim Shore is one of the most creative and rigorous minds in software development today. If creative problem-solving and rigorous XP don’t sound like a fun mix to you, think again! We worked together on that project in 2001, and--of any project in my 20-year career--I learned more, wrote the finest code, and had the most fun. Whenever a team is struggling with a unique problem, I still tap many of the fundamental lessons learned in 2001.

Rob M., Senior Consultant

I’ve got to say that I’ve learned more about coaching and XP and design by reflecting on what you had to say. I do a lot of “Jim said this would happen and I didn’t believe him then, but now....”


You may not know it, but you influenced me to think in completely different ways, and to question traditional assumptions about everything I thought I knew about software - from leading a team to designing software to testing. I’m a better coach and programmer today because you were strong enough to endure my stubbornness.

Chris W., Extreme Programmer and Coach

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