Large-Scale Agile

Struggling with cross-team dependencies? Does it seem like everything takes longer than it should? If so, you’ve encountered a common scaling problem: project management has scaled, but technical coordination hasn’t. As one of the few Agile consultants who brings a technical background to scaling Agile, I can help.

I’ll work with your scaling team to not just solve your scaling issues, but to also teach them the ideas and principles involved. When I’m gone, they’ll be well-situated to continue to grow and maintain your large-scale system without me. If you don’t have a scaling team, I’ll even help you identify who would be a great fit for the role. You’ll see a permanent improvement to your organization’s ability to deliver.

Benefits and Pricing

Expect at least a seven-figure return over five years. The following is a typical, conservative estimate provided by an actual client:

Increase Efficiency $500K / year
Improve Release Frequency allows smaller, less risky product bets
Improve Product Agility enables penetration into new market
Increase Developer Morale reduces turnover and recruitment costs
TOTAL at least $2.5 million over five years

Prices start in the low six figures. It pays for itself in the first year.

Contact me for a free consultation. I’ll help you define your objectives and walk you through your own ROI calculation.


We had a large development team with over 160 Software Engineers and were having problems on a number of fronts... When I first met Jim, I quickly became confident that he had seen these problems before and they weren’t uncommon at our size. He also gained my trust by revealing a blueprint for how to solve these problems. I was relieved to finally have a game plan for getting our product development organization back into shape.

[Jim] coached and mentored our people as they dissected the organization, figured out where we were getting “stuck” and helped us work through solutions. He brought a template for how organizations work at scale and coached our team on how we would implement it. More than anything else, Jim taught us how to think about large-scale organization structure and processes.

Our investment with Jim was money well spent and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking at remaking his or her software development organization.

Jim G., CPO

Jim was there every step of the way... He showed great diligence (and patience) in leading our training. And he provided deliverables that immediately demonstrated why the effort would be beneficial. Ultimately, he was able to get people to buy into a process that, quite frankly, we were expecting many people to resist.

Our investment in Agile has paid great dividends. It has helped us to focus, to improve our throughput, and to strengthen our company culture. We have Jim Shore to thank for that. For any company looking for an Agile coach, we would give Jim our highest recommendation.

Tod H., CEO

Jim spent many weeks working alongside our teams to understand our business and our development model... [his technique] was amazing at getting our employees to buy in to the changes that needed to be made to our team structures.

...Jim continued to work with us through the transition and the outcome is much better than I had hoped for. Only two months after the transition the productivity on each of our teams has increased many fold. Employees are happier and feel in control of the products they work on.

[Our company] has greatly benefited both financially and socially from Jim’s work. Jim’s top-notch experience and knowledge goes hand-in-hand with his very easy-going demeanor. He also doesn’t hesitate to stick his neck out to push people forward through the process. I would highly recommend Jim to any company looking for an agile consultant.

Chad B., CTO

We had grown organically over the prior seven years... Inefficiencies were rampant and our ability to deliver the Product roadmap was precipitously declining.

Jim has guided us exceptionally well over the last six months on a journey of great transformation. He educated teams whenever and wherever they needed it. His thoughtful, though provoking engagement model achieved top-to-bottom buy-in across a wide spectrum of yea and naysayers. He forced management to tackle tough questions we would have sidestepped... He continually impressed us with his adept understanding and discourse around what kept our dreams... out of reach.

...In my 40+ years working in the industry, I have worked with many consultants. I can honestly say that none has meshed as well with my team or achieved nearly the results that Jim has. I give Jim my highest recommendation.

Mikey B., SVP Engineering

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