Real-World Training

Refine your developers’ agile engineering skills with training focused on your actual production codebase. It’s a uniquely effective way to learn how to apply difficult concepts to the real world. We’ll choose learning objectives specific for your teams and I’ll deliver a customized course entirely focused on your goals and code.

Available for Java, .NET, and JavaScript.

Learning Outcomes and Pricing

This course is great for beginners and even better for advanced practitioners. Because every course is customized to your specific needs and situation, the learning outcomes are targeted for your teams’ learning level. Mix and match the following:

  • Fundamentals of Test-Driven Development
  • Advanced Test-Driven Development
    • Testing Without Mocks
    • Improving Test Speed
    • Preventing Fragile Tests
  • Refactoring
  • Incremental and Evolutionary Design
  • and more!

Prices are in line with typical training costs and start in the low five figures.

Contact me for a free consultation. I’ll help you choose your learning objectives and we’ll decide which part of your code to use.


I’ve hired James Shore twice over the years in two different companies to help raise the level of team performance through better understanding and practice of core Agile concepts, methodologies, and engineering skills. James did a great job in both engagements. James is an engaging speaker and an effective teacher... After the training my teams were jazzed to incorporate what they learned into their day-to-day efforts and we saw great improvements in delivering business value, predictability, quality, and team culture.

Larry B., VP Product Development

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