These are some of the major projects I’ve worked on. I've marked my most popular with a star (⭐️). You might also be interested in:

Tuesday Lunch & Learn - May 2020 - Present

A weekly live screencast focused on agile engineering skills.

⭐️ The Agile Fluency™ Model: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile - Mar 6, 2018

A model for getting the most out of agile ideas. (Coauthored with Diana Larsen; hosted at

Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript (Videos) - 2012-2018

Rigorous, professional JavaScript development.

Let's Play: Test-Driven Development (Videos) - 2010-2012

A screencast series featuring Java, test-driven development, and evolutionary design.

⭐️ The Art of Agile Development (Book) - 2008

The Agile how-to guide. (Coauthored with Shane Warden.)

Change Your Organization: A Diary - 2006

Six months of changing an organization from within.

Offing the Offsite Customer - May 18, 2005

A fun simulation for a group of five or more people.