July 18th Webinar: Agile Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Interview)

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference is hosting me for a free, live webinar on July 18th at 4pm Pacific. We'll have a wide-ranging discussion to explore where Agile's been and where it's going. The interview will include topics such as:

  • In one sentence, what is Agile? Would you have said the same thing 20 years ago?
  • What are the basics of an agile culture as is exists in 2019? How is that different than 1999?
  • Since the signing of the Agile manifesto (in 2001), what do you think the signers got right? What could be improved?
  • What does "agile at scale" mean?
  • The manifesto says "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools," yet today there are many more Agile tools available than there were in 1999. How has that changed how Agile is practiced?
  • What are the remaining frontiers for Agile?

I believe audience members will also have the opportunity to submit questions.

This is a live webinar and it might not be recorded. So don't miss it! Register here.

August 6th in Washington, DC: How to Introduce Test-Driven Development to Your Team (Workshop)

I’m leading a half-day training workshop at the Agile 2019 conference, which is in Washington D.C. on August 5-9. This session is geared towards Scrummasters, coaches, managers, and anyone else who’s in a leadership role and isn’t a programmer themselves.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an essential skill for agile teams. Without it, codebases quickly lose the flexibility needed to support agile development. Software accrues technical debt and becomes difficult to change. Rather than improving the code in-place, teams advocate for expensive and risky rewrites. TDD helps avoid these problems.

But for coaches, Scrummasters, and other leaders without a programming background, how can you introduce this foundational skill? In this two-part session, veteran TDD practitioner James Shore will teach you the coaching and facilitation skills you need to help your teams get started with TDD. No programming experience is required, and you won’t be doing any programming in this session. Instead, you’ll gain the resources and knowledge needed to help your teams help themselves. You’ll learn what TDD is, how to recognize when TDD is being done well, and how to facilitate TDD learning workshops without being a TDD expert yourself.

Details and Registration Here.

August 7th in Washington, DC: Leading a 1,000-Person Technical Culture Transformation Without Resistance (Workshop)

Arlo Belshee and I are presenting a workshop at the Agile 2019 conference, which is in Washington D.C. on August 5-9. Knowing Arlo and I, it’s going to be as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

What does a leader do to change technical culture?

Consider this scenario:

  • Technical debt is costing customers and delaying products.
  • You're a leader, not a coder.
  • The debt is systemic. It's bigger than any one team can solve.
  • You can't stop delivery. You can't break the organization.
  • You have 1,000 people, 200 experts, and factions forming around contradictory solutions.

How do you solve this kind of technical culture problem? Come find out.

Details and Registration Here.

September 11th in Toronto, Canada: Faster, More Effective Test-Driven Development (Training)

I’m offering a day of training before the Assert(js) conference in Toronto on September 11th:

Are your tests slow and brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry that your unit tests aren’t actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from writing tests that don’t use mock objects.

In this workshop, you’ll use Node.js to explore a cutting-edge approach to test-driven development (TDD) that doesn’t need mocks or end-to-end tests. We’ll re-examine test-driven development from first principles to create tests that are fast, effective, and easy to write. We’ll tackle real-world problems such as testing infrastructure, evolving mock-free designs from scratch, and working with existing mock-based designs.

You’ll learn the core principles of testing without mocks, the trade-offs involved, what’s easier, and what’s harder. Because this course re-examines test-driven development from a new perspective, it’s suitable for both TDD beginners and experts. You’ll leave with a new bag of tricks for your toolkit and you’ll be ready to choose between a mock-based or mock-free approach depending on the needs of your code.

Details and Registration Here.