April 25th in Seattle, Washington: TDD Without Mocks (Hands-On)

I’ll be at the Seattle Software Crafters Meetup on April 25th talking about test-driven development and testing without mocks. This is a hands-on, free event. Don't miss it!

TDD Without Mocks

Are your tests slow and brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry your unit tests aren’t actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from writing tests that don’t use mock objects.

In this session, we’ll do it live. We’ll use test-driven development to build a simple command-line application in Node. Along the way, you’ll learn the core principles of testing without mocks, the tradeoffs, what’s easier, and what’s harder. You’ll leave with a new bag of tricks for your toolkit and you’ll be ready to choose between a mock-based or mock-free approach depending on the needs of your code.

Bring a laptop with Node.js and git installed and come prepared to pair program.

Details and Registration Here.

May 1st in Nashville, Tennessee: Scaling Agile Delivery (Talk)

I’ll be at the deliver:Agile conference in Nashville from April 29th to May 1st. On the final day, I’ll be talking about scaling Agile from a technical perspective:

When multiple teams work on the same product or set of products, how can those teams work together effectively? How do we create a sustainable codebase, minimize cross-team dependencies, and divide up the work? Scaling isn't just a management problem; it's a technical problem too.

In this session, James Shore will share ideas and strategies based on his experiences helping organizations with multi-team products. He'll share concrete techniques and look back at what's worked, what hasn't, and the context needed for each idea to be successful.

Details and Registration Here.