Total Immersion

Drink from the firehose! I'll join your team for several months as we work on your actual product. As we work, I'll lead by example, conduct ad-hoc training and leadership sessions, design études for the team to perform, and teach everything I know about software development. You'll be amazed at the transformation.

This is the most comprehensive and effective service I offer. Because you also gain me as a development resource, it's surprisingly affordable and low-impact. It's particularly good for Agile pilot projects and other Agile adoption initiatives. Includes a one-year guarantee.

Typical Client Results

I help software teams consistently deliver market success, technical success, and personal success for team members and stakeholders. Specifically, past clients have achieved:

  • High Throughput: From concept to delivery in two weeks or less.
  • Market Focus: Emphasis on delivering value and engaging customers.
  • Opportunity Generation: Conducting experiments and taking managed risks.
  • Low Defect Rate: Less than five escaped defects per month.
  • Shrinking Costs: Development and maintenance costs decrease over time.
  • Joy: Team members look forward to coming to work, and stakeholders love working with the team.

Your results will depend on your environment. Contact me for a proposal that includes specific, guaranteed results.


I want you to succeed, so I include a unique one-year guarantee with the Total Immersion program. It's comprehensive and specific. You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

The guarantee includes:

  • Six months of immersion. My proposal to you will include specific, guaranteed results. Once the Total Immersion program begins, I will remain on-site with your team for up to six months, without additional charge, until you agree that the team is ready to continue on their own.

  • One year of on-site remediation. We will touch base regularly throughout the year-long guarantee period. Every three months, if you feel your team has stopped making progress, I will perform additional on-site work, without additional charge, to remediate the problem.

  • One year of remote mentoring. For the duration of the guarantee, participants will have unlimited access to me by phone, email, and instant messenger to answer questions and help resolve issues. The frequency and style of our interactions are up to you.

(You will be responsible for travel expenses incurred under the guarantee. Other details may vary according to your situation. Contact me for a specific proposal.)


Jim Shore is one of the most creative and rigorous minds in software development today. If creative problem-solving and rigorous XP don't sound like a fun mix to you, think again! We worked together on that project in 2001, and--of any project in my 20-year career--I learned more, wrote the finest code, and had the most fun. Whenever a team is struggling with a unique problem, I still tap many of the fundamental lessons learned in 2001.

Rob M., Senior Consultant

Jim's knowledge of IXP practices and values, and his strong desire to follow them very rigorously has helped us make the transition to an IXP development model. This approach allowed us to experience IXP to its fullest while avoiding many of the problems associated with moving to a new development process. The results of his efforts have been a tremendous success within our organization.

Scott C., Manager, Software Development

I've got to say that I've learned more about coaching and XP and design by reflecting on what you had to say. I do a lot of 'Jim said this would happen and I didn't believe him then, but now....'


You may not know it, but you influenced me to think in completely different ways, and to question traditional assumptions about everything I thought I knew about software - from leading a team to designing software to testing. I'm a better coach and programmer today because you were strong enough to endure my stubbornness.

Chris W., Extreme Programmer and Coach

(Contact me for more testimonials and specific references.)


Pricing varies according to team size, experience, and your goals. In some cases, I may charge a small consulting fee to conduct a readiness assessment. This fee is credited to the cost of the Total Immersion program. Contact me for a quote.

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