Round Tuits For All!

Eugene W. asked me if I would post the artwork for the Round Tuits so people not coming to Agile 2005 could get some too.

Eugene, I'll do one better than that. If you send me your mailing address, I'll mail you 50 actual wooden Tuits. The wooden ones are so much better, trust me.

For that matter, I'll do the same for anybody who reads this as long as this post is on the main page of my blog, which will probably be for the next two months or so. After that, I'll charge a nominal fee or ask you to send me a self-addressed, stamped, padded envelope or something. But for now, just email me your address. What can I say, I'm a nice guy.

Why 50? Well, 50 isn't actually that much. You see, the way you use these is to wait for the right opportunity. Like today, someone said, "Okay, so these three lines are duplicated in a bunch of places." The implied "so what" hangs in the air.

That's when you leap into action. You say, "What, you haven't gotten around to it, yet?" and you flip a Round Tuit in their direction. "Here you go." It lets you make a point about refactoring, or testing, or whatever in a fun way that's positive, not negative. (Assuming you have a fun-loving team that's willing to banter and joke around with each other.)

Everybody on the team is going to need a few of these to fling at each other, and they're bound to roll under desks, get lost, and be given away. Fifty will keep you going for a while.

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