SD Times

This week's issue of SD Times has a focus on agile development and yours truly gets a few special mentions.

First, I was one of the people interviewed for the special report on whether automated build tools will be a bottleneck for agile practices (answer: no). Naturally, the author used my most banal quote. I can see why, though, it's a fun story, memorable. (It can also be a little disturbing to a certain type of person, but oh well.) In the end, I hope people get the overall point that agile development is about people, not tools. Fortunately, I think the article makes that point well.

Second, and more excitingly, I have this issue's "Guest View" column. I talk about the failed FBI Virtual Case File system and lessons learned from the agile movement. This column was a lot of fun to write because it's supposed to be a little provocative. And if there's one thing I can do, it's provocative. :) I'm very happy with how the article turned out--it just flowed out when I wrote it and I think I made my points clearly given the limited space available.

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