Back in the Saddle

I'm back to work after a nice long break to take care of my newborn daughter. (Mother and daughter are both doing well.)

I'm focusing on getting my book done (The Art of Agile Development, co-authored with chromatic and to be published by O'Reilly), so there won't be much activity on this blog for a while. The good news is that we're putting up all of our work in progress for review! Slide sideways to Agile Book to see it all. We're putting out plenty of high-quality reading material for you to enjoy... and hopefully, to comment on.

If you like RSS, the book also shows up on my RSS feed.

By the way, I noticed that my old blog entries keep showing as new on Agile Planet. I've checked and rechecked my RSS feed--I even use Feed Validator--and I can't find anything wrong. Can somebody help? Send email to borkedrss AT (And thanks!)

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