Fully Accredited XP Course

I'm very proud to announce my first fully-accredited XP course. I've created it with Dr. Andrew Black, Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University.

This is an in-depth course covering all aspects of XP, with emphasis on the planning game, continuous integration, test-driven development, large-scale design, testing, and retrospectives.

This course is a steal at $783.50 for Oregon residents. It's an eleven-day course that takes place over four weeks. Dr. Black and I will personally teach all eight day-long lectures and experienced industry practitioners will lead all four labs. An in-depth course with this caliber of instruction would typically cost over five thousand dollars. Since we're offering it through the university, you get PSU rates. I'm not kidding when I say that this is an incredible bargain.

Please spread the word. We have no plans to offer this course again and we're limiting attendance to 24 students. Class starts August 17th. Industry professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For more information about the course and instructions on how to register, see the course page at http://www.jamesshore.com/XP-Course/.

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