Speaking in India

I'm spending the next three weeks in India. Two weeks ago, I happened to speaking to Naresh Jain of the Agile Software Community of India (ASCI), so I asked him if there were any agile folks I could meet while I was there.

Next thing I knew, Naresh had arranged two full-blown speaking engagements for me. Fantastic!

I'll be speaking in Bangalore on January 13th and in New Delhi on January 21st. The dates may change, so please see the ASCI listing to confirm the dates and for all of the details.

If you're interested, I'd love to see you there. Act quickly, as I know that the Bangalore organizers are going to limit attendance to 30 or 45 people and the Delhi organizers may do the same.

A big Thank You to the organizers and sponsors of these events. They put this whole thing together in just two weeks, over the holiday break, when I was often unavailable for several days in a row. Their agility and dedication has been inspiring. I particularly want to thank:

  • Naresh Jain of ASCI and ThoughtWorks for enthusiastically organizing this entire event. I'm particularly gratified because Naresh can't even come: his schedule misses mine by just one day.

  • Dakshinamurthy Karra (KD) of Jalian Systems for organizing the Bangalore event.

  • Vivek Dubey of IRIS Software for organizing the New Delhi event.

  • Subex Systems for sponsoring my flight from Madras to Bangalore and back.

  • ThoughtWorks for sponsoring my hotel stay in Bangalore.

By the way, for everybody here in the States, I enjoy speaking at user group meetings, particularly when things are as well organized as they have been here. I'll do so for free if my travel expenses are covered. The Agile Alliance may even reimburse you for my travel! See my Sharing page for more information.

PS: I'm going to be harder to reach while I'm gone. See my Contact page for more information.

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