Where's the Content?

Have you been wondering what happened to my blog? I used to update about once a week. Now it's been ages. What happened?

I'm still writing! You're just looking in the wrong spot. I have two exciting projects happening right now that are taking all of my writing energy. The first is my Change Diary. It's updated every Thursday and has been getting enthusiastic reviews:

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you putting [your change diary] online originally and revisiting it right now. It's excellent reading.

Juris (Latvia)

I have hardly been able to work all day, reading all your articles and blog posts. I specially like your Change-Diary blog - you have a way of isolating and explaining the troubles you went through introducing agility to your team that is very intriguing.

Andrés (Sweden)

...your 'Change Diary' is awesome! The most valuable thing I am learning from it is how to communicate. Thanks for being so honest about your frustration and 'failures'. I've had the some of the same experiences, and through the reflective part of your diary, I've got some new ideas about how to make stuff work. That diary is one of the most valuable things I've read, not just on agility, but on good communication. Thank you, and don't stop!

Chris (Canada)

I'm not ready to announce the other writing project yet, but I'm even more excited about it than I am about the Change Diary. I'll announce it here when the time is right.

Thanks for reading!

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