Agile Open Northwest

If you're interested in agile development and anywhere near the Pacific Northwest, you need to sign up for Agile Open Northwest.

This conference is going to be held this month, January 30 and 31 in Portland, Oregon. (It's literally blocks away from my house, in fact.) It's a small conference--attendance is capped at 100 people--and an extremely good value at $150 (including meals!).

It's an Open Space conference which, if you've never experienced it, is a fantastic way for actual practioners to share experiences and ideas. The agenda is created at the beginning of the conference with the attendees themselves creating and hosting the sessions. The level of energy, excitement, and useful information at these conferences has to be seen to be believed. This one is co-hosted by Diana Larsen, the best Open Space facilitator I know.

At 150 bucks, you can't afford to miss this, especially if you're already in the Portland area. I'm going to be there and talking about my upcoming book, how to fit testers and strategic planning into XP, and attending lots of other people's sessions. I hope you'll be there. This is going to be a great conference.

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