29% Discount at Amazon

Amazon has bumped their discount for The Art of Agile Development from 14% to 29%, which is a pretty good deal. If you've been thinking about picking up a few extra copies for your team, now's a good time.

(Why the sudden change? I have no idea. The Amazonians are a mysterious tribe, impossible for mere mortals to understand, and not to be trifled with. The last anthropologist to venture into that trackless jungle emerged six months later, eyes bulging and brain addled, with nothing to say but a mindless repeated cry: "Tapioca! Tapioca!" Six servings later, he fell into a vegatative state, and nothing could be done except wipe off the pudding and place him in the care of Dr. Finkle's Sanitarium and Public Exposition (Some Exhibits Not Suitable for Small Children or the Faint of Heart). There he remains today.)

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