Last Chance for 35% Discount (and Other Detritus)

O'Reilly has been offering a 35% discount on The Art of Agile Development. That discount ends in less than a week, on the 31st. It's the best deal I know of, so if you were planning to pick up some more copies of the book, now is a good time. To take advantage of the discount, go to the O'Reilly Store and use coupon code JVAGL. Again, that code expires on March 31st. (Sorry, it only works for US and UK customers.)

On another note, the bonus features on the book's site are still going strong. By the time I'm done, I'll have produced an agile pocket guide, a four-part epic haiku, and commented on every part of the book. (How do I get myself into these situations? Shouldn't I be kicking back and eating peeled grapes or something?) Anyway, although it may not be the most comprehensive book companion site yet produced, it's pretty substantial. If you haven't taken a look, go check it out.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Michael Denomy for his agile haiku. He's right--any day you get to use the word "detritus" has to be a good day.

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