Save $2500 on Grant-Funded Agile Training in October!

The Software Association of Oregon has a federal grant to promote economic development, and they've generously agreed to use some of their funds to subsidize two of the best Agile training courses that Diana Larsen and I offer.

Diana and I are offering two courses that qualify for the grant-funded subsidy:

Both courses will take place in Portland, Oregon, but you do not have to be an Oregon resident to take advantage of these grant-funded reduced prices.

"The Art of Agile Planning" covers everything you need to know about Agile planning. Learn about product envisioning, making and meeting commitments, story and task estimation, and more. Anyone interested in implementing Agile should take this great introductory course.

"The Art of Agile Delivery" will help you understand how programmers, customers, and testers work together to ship quality software. Learn how test-driven development works, how customers and testers contribute to requirements and defect prevention, how to handle continuous integration--and most importantly--how to deliver software that's "done done" and ready to ship.

Don't miss this great opportunity to let the Federal government pick up the tab on $2500 worth of training! Slots are limited, and this is a truly special deal that we won't be able to do again anytime soon.

More information and registration links here.

There's no catch! (Okay, there is one catch. Public employees are not eligible to attend. Don't ask me why--I don't make the rules. Contact Rachel Kjack at the SAO with questions about eligibility.)

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