Send Me Your Assessments!

Updated, May 21: I didn't receive enough responses to this, so no results are forthcoming. Sorry!

I just published the self-assessment quiz from The Art of Agile Development. I thought it would be interesting to collect a bunch of answers from people. It could show us where people tend to do well, and where they struggle.

This is far from a scientific survey--selection bias and all that--but it could be interesting nonetheless. Take the quiz and let me know how it turned out! Send me the five totals from the quiz, along with a little information about your team: how big it is, what method you use (it doesn't have to be an agile method), whether or not you're using a green-field or legacy codebase, and whether or not team members sit in the same room.

I'll publish the aggregated results here in a month or two. No personally-identifiable information will be shared. You can reach me at (Follow that link to create a pre-populated email message.)

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