Art of Agile Planning and Delivery Next Week

Quick reminder: My training courses with Diana Larsen, "The Art of Agile Planning" and "The Art of Agile Delivery," are coming up next week in Portland, Oregon.

I've talked about these courses before, so I won't do so again, although I do want to share a nice testimonial that came in a few weeks ago:

We sent developers to [The Art of Agile Delivery] last year and it was outstanding. We also sent several people including myself to [The Art of] Agile Planning, and we loved it. Both classes had a huge impact to how we work, even for those we weren?t able to send.

Don Dornblaser, Director, WebMD

Hearing that your course made a lasting impact, particularly to people who didn't even attend, is just about the highest praise I can get from training. Thanks, Don.

The courses are next week, so if you're planning to attend, now is your last chance to register. The courses are $1,395 for "The Art of Agile Planning" on June 8th and 9th, and $1,795 for "The Art of Agile Delivery" on June 10th, 11th, and 12th. There's a nice discounted rate of $2,495 if you attend both.

Register here.

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