Agile Friday: "Done Done" Now Online

"Done Done" won the poll for this week's Art of Agile Development release. I've posted the full text online.

I'm working a bit ahead (yay, vacation!), so I need to get your thoughts on two more weeks' worth of excerpts. I'd like your suggestions for the "Developing" chapter excerpt, which will be posted on March 26th:

Poll closed. Winner: Test-Driven Development (to be posted March 26th).

We also need to choose April 2nd's excerpt, which loops back around to the "Thinking" chapter:

Poll closed. Winner: Root-Cause Analysis (to be posted April 2nd).

This week's winner, "Done Done", surprised me. I thought Ten-Minute Build or Continuous Integration would win the day, since they're so central. But they tied for fourth place. In retrospect, getting to "done done" is something I see a lot of teams struggle with, and while I've seen people write about the importance of getting to "done done," I haven't seen a lot of people writing about how to do it. Perhaps that's why there was so much interest.

The final results:

Results are also in for next week's excerpt. Slack will be posted on March 19th.

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