Agile Friday: "Retrospectives" Now Online

The full text of Retrospectives from The Art of Agile Development is now online for your viewing and linking convenience.

I'm particularly happy to get this section online. I independently thought of applying project post-mortems to iterations way back in 2000, during my first XP project, after re-reading Steve McConnell's excellent book Rapid Development. I've been refining my preferred format ever since1 and several people have told me how useful it has been for their own teams.

1I just used it yesterday, in fact. It's mostly unchanged from what's in the book, except that I've improved the wording for the categories described in Step 2. I now use "Keep" instead of "Same;" "More / Add" instead of just "More;" and "Less / Remove" instead of just "Less."

While you're checking out the excerpt, don't miss the downloadable poster near the top of the page. I thought it came out pretty well. Feel free to print a copy for your team.

Here are the full results of this week's poll:

Next week's excerpt comes from the Collaborating chapter, and voting is still open at the time of this writing. The following week's excerpt will come from the Releasing chapter. Which section should go online next?

Poll closed.

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