Agile Friday: "Sit Together" Now Online

It's Friday! I've posted the full text of Sit Together from The Art of Agile Development on the book's site.

You might have noticed that I'm not posting the practices in order. One of my motivations in putting the book online is that I want to provide a reference that people can easily link to. So I'm starting with the practices that I think people will reference most frequently.

I want your help! Next week, I'm posting a practice from the "Releasing" chapter. Which one do you think will be the most useful? Vote below, then explain your reasons in the comments.

Poll closed. Winner: "Done Done" (to be posted March 12th).

I also need to prepare the following week's release. Which practice from the "Planning" chapter should I post next?

Poll closed. Winner: Slack (to be posted March 19th).

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