Agile Friday: "Stories" Now Online

I've uploaded Stories, which is this week's excerpt from The Art of Agile Development. Due to time constraints, I haven't incorporated the copyedits yet. If it seems a bit rough, that's why. Thanks once again to Sarah Schneider at O'Reilly for copyediting our book and making a million tiny improvements. You don't notice them until they're gone, which tells you what a good job Sarah did.

I'm going to be at Agile 2010 next week, presenting an awesome session with Arlo Belshee titled "Bloody Stupid Johnson Teaches Agile." It's a parody of all things Agile, and we're having tons of fun with it. If you're going to be at the conference, I hope you'll attend and help heckle. (We'll need hecklers.)

The poll for next week's excerpt will be cut short thanks to my trip, so get your votes in early. Here are your choices, from the Developing chapter:

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