Announcing: Test-Driven Javascript Screencast

It's alive! Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript has been launched on Kickstarter.

Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript is my new screencast series focusing on Javascript, TDD, Node.js, and professional web development. It's a response to the success of my Let's Play TDD series, which has grown to be truly massive--189 videos and 45 hours, at the time of this writing.

Where the original series focuses on Java and Swing, the new series focuses on Javascript and web technologies. Many people I meet don't bother testing the front-end logic in their web applications. But as web apps get more and more sophisticated, TDD and other rigorous development practices become more important. That's why I want to produce Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript.

I'm launching the series through Kickstarter so I can give it the time and attention it deserves. My intention is to create an invaluable resource for anyone doing professional Javascript development. Back it on Kickstarter!

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