Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript Now Available

I'm thrilled to announce that Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript is now open to the public!

I've been working on this project for over nine months. Over a thousand people have had early access, and reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers are saying things like "truly phenomenal training" (Josh Adam, via email), "highly recommended" (Theo Andersen, via Twitter), and "*the* goto reference" (anonymous, via viewer survey).

Up until last week, the show was only available to Kickstarter backers. Now I've opened it up to everyone. Come check it out! There's a demo video below.

About Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript

If you've programmed in JavaScript, you know that it's an... interesting... language. Don't get me wrong: I love JavaScript. I love its first-class functions, the intensive VM competition between browser makers, and how it makes the web come alive. It definitely has its good parts.

It also has some not-so-good parts. Whether it's browser DOMs, automatic semicolon insertion, or an object model with a split personality, everyone's had some part of JavaScript bite them in the ass at some point. That's why test-driven development is so important.

Let's Code: Test-Driven JavaScript is a screencast series focused on rigorous, professional web development. That means test-driven development, of course, and also techniques such as build automation, continuous integration, refactoring, and evolutionary design. We support multiple browsers and platforms, including iOS, and we use Node.js on the server. The testing tools we're using include NodeUnit, Mocha, expect.js, and Testacular.

You can learn more on the Let's Code TDJS home page. If you'd like to subscribe, you can sign up here.

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