Agile Book Club: Energized Work

Have you ever woken up eager and excited to get to work? That’s “Energized Work,” and creating an environment where that happens is the subject of this week’s book club session.

📖 Energized Work

🎙 Discussion prompts:

  • Tell us about a time when you were excited to go to work each day. What made it so exciting?

  • What drains your energy for work, even when it’s material you’d normally be excited about working on?

  • What’s the underlying “essence” of energized work? What makes something energizing vs. draining?

  • How would you like the organizations you work with to invest in supporting energized work?

About the Book Club

From October 2021 to August 2022, I hosted a call-in talk show based on the second edition of The Art of Agile Development. The series used the book as a jumping-off point for wide-ranging discussions about Agile ideas and practices, and had a star-studded guest list.

For an archive of past sessions, visit the book club index. For more about the book, visit the Art of Agile Development home page.

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