AoAD2 Chapter: Quality (introduction)

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For many people, “quality” means “testing,” but Agile teams treat quality differently. Quality isn’t something you test for; it’s something you build in. Not just into your code, but your entire development system: the way your team approaches its work, the way people think about mistakes, and even the constraints imposed by your organization.

This chapter has three practices to help your team dedicate itself to quality:

  • “No Bugs” on p.XX helps your team build quality in.

  • “Blind Spot Discovery” on p.XX help your team learn what it doesn’t know.

  • “Incident Analysis” on p.XX focuses the team on systemic improvements.

They’re supported by these key ideas:

  • “Key Idea: Build Quality in” on p.XX: Focusing on quality from the beginning is cheaper, faster, and better.

  • “Key Idea: Embrace Failure” on p.XX: Failure is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to prevent success.

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