AoAD2 Practice: Retrospectives

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Whole Team

We continually improve our work habits.

Your team should constantly update and improve your development process. Retrospectives are a great way to do so. continue reading, buy the book!

In this Section

  1. Retrospectives
    1. Key Idea: Continuous Improvement
    2. Types of Retrospectives
    3. How to Conduct a Heartbeat Retrospective
    4. Step 1: The Prime Directive (5 minutes)
    5. Step 2: Brainstorming (20 minutes)
    6. Step 3: Mute Mapping (15 minutes)
    7. Step 4: Generate Insights (10–30 minutes)
    8. Step 5: Retrospective Objective (10–20 minutes)
    9. Follow Through
    10. Questions
    11. Prerequisites
    12. Indicators
    13. Alternatives and Experiments
    14. Further Reading

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