AoAD2 Practice: Stand-Up Meetings

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Stand-Up Meetings

Whole Team

We coordinate to complete our work.

I have a special antipathy for status meetings. You know the type: a manager reads a list of tasks and asks about each one in turn. They seem to last forever, although my part is usually only five minutes. I learn something new in perhaps 10 of the other minutes. The remaining 45 minutes are pure waste.

Informative Workspace

Organizations have a good reason for holding status meetings. People need to know what’s going on. But Agile teams have more effective mechanisms: informative workspaces for status and the daily stand-up meeting for coordination. continue reading, buy the book!

In this Section

  1. Stand-Up Meetings
    1. Cargo Cult: Sit Down Stand-Up
    2. How to Hold the Daily Stand-Up
      1. 1. Walk the board
      2. 2. Focus on completion
      3. 3. Choose tasks
      4. 4. Take detailed conversations offline
        1. Sidebar: Old-School Stand-Ups
    3. Be Brief
    4. Questions
    5. Prerequisites
    6. Indicators
    7. Alternatives and Experiments
    8. Further Reading

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