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July 19th: Big New Things @ Agile 2021

Arlo Belshee and I will be presenting “Big New Things” at the virtual Agile 2021 conference on Monday, July 19th:

What's new and exciting in Agile? As members of the Agile community from the beginning, James Shore and Arlo Belshee have seen it all—or have they? Join Arlo and James for a fireside chat about the new and innovative Agile ideas they've been exploring recently. Possible topics include scaling team sizes with FAST, executive-level strategies for technical debt, team self-selection and bottom-up strategy, and scaling technical capability in an organization.

This is a live session and audience participation is encouraged. Share your questions and comments in the chat!

This is an absolutely enormous conference filled to the brim with content for all time zones. Register here.