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Zero-Friction Development (Austin, TX)

I’m appearing as a guest speaker at CloudBees Connect in Austin, Texas on May 24th.

CloudBees Connect is a localized gathering of DevOps practitioners and leaders joining together to discuss trends and advancements defining the future of software delivery. I’ll be speaking about zero-friction development:

You know that feeling you get when you start a new codebase? It’s a feeling of endless possibility and productivity. You have an idea, you write some code, you see it come to life. Amazing.

But then reality comes crashing down. The code becomes difficult to maintain. You have to painstakingly vet every change, spend interminable hours looking for bugs, and bang your head against brick walls.

Zero-friction development is about achieving the smooth flow, enjoyment, and productivity you see in a brand-new codebase, no matter how old your code may be. James Shore explains how to make it happen.

CloudBees Connect is a free, all-day event. My talk will be from 9:50-10:30am. Find more information and register here.