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A FAST Way to Scale (Portland, OR and online)

I’m giving a lightning talk about FAST (Fluid Scaling Technology) at the Pacific NW Software Quality Jam on February 8th:

How can multiple teams work together on a single product? The common wisdom is to carefully align teams and responsibilities to create autonomous teams. But, invariably, this approach eventually runs into cross-team bottlenecks, challenges aligning responsibilities to teams, and difficulties creating cross-functional teams.

Fluid Scaling Technology, or FAST, is an innovative new approach that solves these problems. It uses frequent team self-selection to prevent bottlenecks, share knowledge amongst teams, and ensure the right people are working on the right things. It’s simple and lightweight.

In this short talk, James Shore gives a lightning tour of FAST and how it works in practice. Learn about his real-world experience with FAST and what it takes to try FAST in your organization.

This is a hybrid online and in-person event with several lightning talks. The event runs from 5-8pm Pacific, with talks starting at 5:45. Should be a great way to network and learn new ideas. Register here.