Single-Piece Flow in Kanban (Video)

01 May, 2010

Arlo Belshee and I presented "Single-Piece Flow in Kanban: A How-To" at the recent Lean Software and Systems 2010 conference in Atlanta. I've embedded a recording of it below. The speaker introducing us at the beginning is David Anderson, a well-known Kanban proponent and one of the founders of the conference.

Update, 3 Jan 2012: InfoQ's live video is here. It's better quality than the video embedded below, and it also has a transcript.

Download Video: MP4 | OGG

(Thanks to Camen Design for the Video for Everybody HTML5+Quicktime+Flash code. Thanks also to Longtail Video for the JW Player Flash video player.)

There were other recordings made as well: Live video was recorded by InfoQ, and the conference also recorded a screencast. I'll post links to them once they're available.