Avoid the Rush

It's a great time to purchase consulting and training. For many teams, business is slow, which means they have time to invest in improving their work habits. It's a cliché, but there really is value in doing more with less.

Business is slow for consultants, too, which means there are some great deals out there. I'm pricing my consulting services aggressively, and Diana Larsen and I have some great deals on our Art of Agile training courses. In May, we're offering The Art of Agile Teams: Designing Roles and Responsibilities at the government-subsidized price of $200. For our June courses, The Art of Agile Planning and The Art of Agile Delivery, we have some very nice early bird discounts if you register by April 30th, bringing the prices to $995 and $1,395 respectively.

A lot of businesses have cut way back on expenses, so they're not taking advantage of these opportunities. That's understandable. But the need hasn't gone away, so there's a backlog of pent-up demand forming. As the economy starts to improve, I expect to get more requests than I can fulfill. (It's the nature of independent consulting: too many customers, or too few. Sigh.) I'm already starting to see the signs.

If you're interested in consulting or training, now is a great time. There are some great deals available, and the best consultants' calendars are going to fill up quickly when the economy turns around.

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