"Art of Agile" Training Courses This October

I'm happy to announce that Diana Larsen and I will be delivering our popular and unique Art of Agile training courses again this year. We've gotten great responses every year, and this year we're pricing the courses extra-competitively so everyone has an opportunity to come.

There are two courses:

  • The Art of Agile Planning, on Oct 11 - 12, focuses on the planning side of things. Release planning, iteration planning, risk management, adaptive planning, and working with stakeholders are all included.

  • The Art of Agile Delivery, on Oct 13 - 15, focuses on what happens during an iteration. We use an innovative structure that involves real cross-functional teams creating and delivering software in a real-world environment. We cover everything from pair programming to live demos.

The courses are designed to be taken back-to-back for those who want the full experience. About half of our students typically choose to attend the full week, and we always hear wishes for more from those who don't.

Our style is very hands-on. The classes are intense, covering a ton of material, and focused on learning through experiences rather than lectures. As I said in last year's explanation: come drink from the firehose!

Oct 11 - 12, 2010Portland, OregonThe Art of Agile Planning
Oct 13 - 15, 2010Portland, OregonThe Art of Agile Delivery


"The facilitators were excellent! I really enjoyed the 'jump in and swim' approach to applying what we learned as we went."

Bill Jackson III, Senior Software Engineer, Oracle Corp.

"I don't know how they pulled off the [class project], but going through four iterations brought the concepts home. Also I was a programmer wanting to learn about the project development side. Diana's four-quadrant diagrams (about stakeholders) were enlightening as was Jim's [incremental design] box diagrams and analogy of TDD to double-entry bookkeeping. Thank you!!"

Steve Tamura, Developer

"They were great. They were funny, understanding, and answered questions well."

Ven Cohen, Programmer/Technical Lead, ISI

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