John Hines Reviews "Art of Agile" Training

John Hines attended my recently-concluded "Art of Agile" training courses (co-taught with Diana Larsen) and put a great, comprehensive review online: Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Days 4 & 5.

The whole thing is worth reading (and it's not too long), but here are some of my favorite quotes from the last day:

What an ending. I've just finished the most interactive training class I've ever taken. I spent much of the last two days on a real Agile team producing a real product in 90-minute iterations. In a word, it was intense. It's ingenious to dangle the responsibility for shipping working code in front of programmers during a training class. It really made the content exceedingly relevant.

After four iterations we shipped a working Java console game that was demonstrated to the class. And I ended up on a development team that, in some ways, is more functional than my development team at work. Seriously, I could take this team back and start solving some real problems very, very soon. At the end some time was reserved for us to express our appreciation for one another. It was a real bonding experience for me. Nerds bonding. What a beautiful, awkward thing.

Thanks, John!

If you're interested in attending the courses, we'll be delivering them again in March. Registration isn't open yet, but you can save the dates:

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