Free Art of Agile Development Practices Available

It’s been nearly a year since the new edition of The Art of Agile Development was released, and I’m celebrating by making a baker’s dozen of its practices available for free!

You can find the excerpts in the online table of contents. Or use this handy list:

  1. Free Introductory Material:
    1. What is Agile?
    2. How to Be Agile
    3. Choose Your Agility
  2. Free Practices:
    1. Teamwork:
      1. Whole Team
      2. Team Room
    2. Planning:
      1. Stories
      2. Adaptive Planning
    3. Ownership:
      1. Task Planning
      2. Capacity
    4. Accountability:
      1. Stakeholder Trust
    5. Collaboration:
      1. Collective Code Ownership
    6. Development:
      1. Zero Friction
      2. Test-Driven Development
    7. Design:
      1. Incremental Design
    8. DevOps:
      1. Build for Operation
    9. Quality:
      1. No Bugs

For more information about the book, including an amazing series of video discussions and interviews about Agile topics, see the Art of Agile Development page.

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