Livestream: The AI Chronicles

A promotional picture for “The AI Chronicles.” It says, “ChatGPT has Joined the Stream! Join us as we live code an RPG using ChatGPT, React, and Spring Boot. Mondays 1-4pm Pacific (20:00 UTC);” An image of a set of rusted robots walking through a desolate wasteland is labeled, “The AI Chronicles.” Pictures of James Shore and Ted M. Young are placed on either side of the image.

Mondays from 1-4pm Pacific (20:00 UTC), Ted M. Young and I are building a AI-powered role-playing game, using React and Spring Boot, live on Twitch. Join us!

Next Stream: May 29

With the basics of our back-end and front-end both in place, it’s time to connect the two together. We’ll figure out what we need to do and start implementing the code that wires them together.

Episode Archive

Find recordings of past episodes here.

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