Nullables Livestream #1: Nullable Die Rolls

In this weekly livestream series, I pair up with Ted M. Young, aka jitterted, to look at Nullables and A-Frame Architecture as an alternative to Mocks, Spies, and Hexagonal Architecture. Each episode combines a healthy dose of architecture and design discussion with hands-on coding.

In this episode...

In our first session, we introduce the codebase we’re working on: Ted’s yacht-tdd, which is a web-based Yahtzee-like dice game written in Java and using the Spring framework.

We introduce the core concepts of Nullables, and modify Ted’s DieRoller class to be nullable, in place of his existing stub-based approach. Along the way, we have a lot of great conversations about the similarities and differences between Hexagonal Architecture and A-Frame Architecture.

Visit the episode archive for more.

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